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Who We Are

We are the technical development community working to empower the world with new self-monetising AR/VR technology.

The VRENAR System is a new form of immersive Social Media platform. It is an infrastructure comprising a hybrid AR/VR ecosystem, which monetises and pays all members directly for their every day valuable data. It is made possible by the emergence and maturation of some key new technologies including Structure from Motion (SfM), Markerless Motion Capture (MMOCAP), and Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT). The VRENAR System Concept Design comprises a VR Virtual World interfaced with a community of users with AR wearables, via a monetising secure data exchange.


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Frederick Bott ("Eric"). Eric, the VRENAR project founder, is a Chartered Engineer and a veteran of many large aerospace, space, submarine, and land Systems Engineering programs. He has continuously carried out Engineering work at senior levels in all manner of Engineering companies, including some of his own, over a period of more than 20 years. Eric has Masters and Bachelors degrees in Engineering and is currently carrying out a VRENAR related part time PhD research project with the Open University. His experience includes hardware design, software design, systems architecture design, and multidisciplinary systems design and simulation using SysML and other modelling language toolsets.


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Software Developer

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What We Do

We work in collaborative partnership with other technical communities for the joint benefit of all.

We work as a non-profit community in collaborative partnership with other technical communities, powered economically by distributed ledger tokens, in such a way that the value of all are increased by our joint activity. This same principle also empowers all participating individuals.


The VRENAR Network Hardware comprises mainly AR wearables. A design specification for these items will be developed in collaboration with AR equipment manufacturer collaborative partner(s). A key VRENAR enabling requirement of the wearable is incorporation of emerging Structure-from-motion technology. This is a subject and product of multiple ongoing PhD research projects, including that being carried out by Eric.


The VRENAR network under development consists of the community of users of VRENAR wearables, interfaced with a virtual world via the IOTA datamarket. The virtual world thus gives users a continuous virtual environment which replicates the real world around all members. The network then provides the collective shared graphics from the virtual world, processed by a combination of machine intelligence and the wisdom of the community, to all members in such a way as to significantly enhance the normal human capabilities of each individual. Thus value is added to each individual, including their data, which is monetised and paid direct to the individual.


The VRENAR System is designed to scale to the world. Hence the choice of IOTA as the token of the VRENAR community. The IOTA token works on a radically different principle of distributed ledger than conventional blockchain. It is a development of the latter, which our research indicates is appropriate and completely necessary to overcome the scaling problems seen in Bitcoin, Ethereum, and all other examples of conventional blockchain, so as to enable scaling the network to literally Billions of users.

Building Blocks

The VRENAR System list of functional machine intelligence building blocks includes Eye tracking, Facial Recognition, Gait Recognition, Structure-from-motion, Markerless Motion Capture, Occlusion processing, Speech recognition, data analysis, and many more.

User Interfaces

The User interface to the initial VRENAR system is by PC, mobile phone, tablet, etc. In addition, users will be able to connect physiological monitoring devices to generate further valuable data on the network. After commissioning of wearables, those will become the main user interface.


The VRENAR system will be accessible by anyone with an internet connection. For maximum portability, wearables will have similar capabilities to mobile phones, able to log into mobile hotspots. Users will no longer require to carry separate mobile phones.

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